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 Upcoming Events

fall 2011

Thursday 9/15 at 8pm
HOURGLASS performance at California Institute of the Arts  Sharon Disney Lund Theater

Friday 10/14 at Berkeley Art Museum
5:30pm HOURGLASS perfomance (with premiere of video for the event by Lianne Nelson)
7:30pm concert of music by Cox, David Lang, Amy X Nueburg, and Bill Ryan (to also include work of video artist Kwame Braun)

Wednesday 11/9 at 8pm
Music by Cox, David Lang, and Eve Beglarian. Bonus! Beglarian will be there to join us on stage for perfomance of her work "Landscaping for Privacy" Presented by Angel City Arts at the Royal T, Culver City, CA


Monday 2/27 at 8pm
Music by Cox, David Lang, Tom Johnson, and "One-Minute-Wonder" works of CSULB student composers. At California State University -Long Beach, Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, Daniel Concert Hall



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